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O skills sp. z o.o.

Jako akredytowana organizacja szkoleniowa (Accredited Training Organization) oraz akredytowana firma doradcza (AXELOS Consulting Partner) pomagamy naszym Klientom w profesjonalnym rozwoju – dostarczając wiedzę i podnosząc kwalifikacje, co przekłada się na sukcesy w realizowanych projektach oraz zwiększa wartość naszych Absolwentów na rynku pracy.

Terms and Conditions

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Terms and conditions of the website

Chapter I. General aspects


Terms and conditions are defining the conditions of sale of manuals and licences named further as „Goods” by skills Sp.  z o.o. based in 02-739 Warszawa, ul. Braci Wagów 20 lok. U1,  registered in KRS by the Regional Court in City of Warsaw under the number KRS 0000365331 with VAT number 951-232-42-42., named further „skills sp.  z o.o. „

The sale is conducted via the Internet – through the website under the URL address: (named further: The electronic address of the skills Sp.  z o.o. is also and e-mail:  skills Sp.  z o.o.  is entilted to use website and to enter into agreements via this website.

The sale is conducted via website between buyer, called Client, and skills Sp.  z o.o. as the seller.

The Client is obliged to read these terms and conditions and Privacy terms before making an order in   

Chapter II. Client data. Protection of personal data


The data given by the Client in the order form including e-mail address and phone number will be used in order to fullfil the order and agreement by skills Sp.  z o.o.  The data given will be protected in accordance with Data Protection act.

The client should put the correct data into the form which should enable the fullfilment of the agreement, delivery of goods and client contact.

The personal data given by the Clients will be data processed by skills Sp.  z o.o. as an data admin in accordance with the data protection laws and Privacy policy of the store.

The data will be entered voluntarily. The Client can control the data processing of his/her data including the view, update and removal. The right to data process the data can be revoked by the Client at any time.

The Client has to contact skills Sp.  z o.o. in order to remove or update the data.

In case the Client changes the data in such a way that the fullfilment of the order will be impossible the Client has to submit the actual information.

Chapter III. Technical requirements

The client's IT system has to fullfil following requirements in order to buy from platform:

- internet access during the time the order will be made via website,

- internet browser

In case of system breakdown disabling the transaction the Client will be notified immediately about such breakdown and about inefficacy of the orders made and the date the system will be recovered.

Chapter IV. Orders and sales


The website contains presentations of Goods offered by skills. Sp.  Z o.o. . The orders in the website are made via order form accessible in the website. website is accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, but the fullfilment of orders is made from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. CET. which excludes holidays and other days free of work in Poland. The orders made off working hours will be fullfiled in working hours.

The access to the order will be made after the Client will give the login and password. The addition of the Good to the "Basket" and clicking of the "Confirm" means making an order by the Client. skills Sp.  z o.o. confirms immediately the receipt of the Client's order on the given e-mail address. The agreement is entered by sending the confirmation.

skills Sp. z o.o. may, in order to properly fullfil the agreement, check additionally the Client data, by using the provided contact data such as the phone number and e-mail address.

In case where the goods are not on stock in and the Client has made an order, skills Sp.  z o.o. will cofirm the availability of the good by the end of the next working day by e-mail or by phone.

In such case the agreement will be entered and the order will be fullfiled on the date of availability of the Goods, unless the Client will within 48 hours notify by e-mail he/she is resigning from the order.

The Client commits to payment of the full amount for the Goods purchased and the delivery fees to the account number of skills Sp. z o.o. PL71249010570000990278079700.    

Chapter V. Delivery

The delivery of the Goods will be made via courier. The costs of the delivery will be added to the price of the Goods and will be covered by the Client. 

Chapter VI. Prices

skills Sp.  z o.o. will sell the Goods according to the pricelist  from site and under the terms and conditions defined herein.

The prices are given in Polish zloty and converted to other currencies including and excluding VAT.

The prices given include VAT but exclude custom duties and local fees.

The prices given do not include the costs of courier services of the Goods, which is covered by the Client. The amount of the fees is defined on the website with respect to the goods delivered.

Skills Sp.  z o.o. can change the prices of the Goods presented on the shop. website, but the changes of the prices will be applicable to new orders and the orders made will be fullfiled under the old price terms. 

Chapter VII. Termination of the agreement

The Client can terminate the agreement by sending back the Goods purchased without giving the cause under the condition of sending to skills Sp.  z o.o. address within 10 days from the delivery of Goods (the date of sale in case of services) the notice in writing about the termination. The notice should be sent by courier or recorded delivery. The notice about the termination can be made by the Client via e-mail. In such case skills Sp.  z o.o. will additionally confirm the receipt of such termination. 

The Client will return the Goods immediately but no later than within 14 days. The Client will pay the costs of the postage to skills Sp.  z o.o.  The Goods must be returned in unchanged condition.

The right to return the Goods does not include the software delivered to the client.

skills Sp.  z o.o. will return the price of the Goods to the Client (including the postaje) within 14 days to given by the Client bank Account.

skills Sp.  z o.o. will confim in writing the receipt of the Goods from the Client. 

Chapter VIII. Reclamationsand Returns

The Client has the right to make reclamation of Goods in case of faults in Goods or if the Goods are different than the ones ordered under warranty given. 

The Client has to inform skills Sp.  z o.o. in writing about the faults immediately but no later than within 14 days. The Client should inform about the reclamation and return property secured Goods to skills Sp.  z o.o. .

If the Goods are different than ordered the reclamation should be done directly to skills Sp.  z o.o. as a seller. Skills sp. z o.o. will confirm by e-mail the receipt of reclamation and will inform the Client following the processing of this reclamation in no longer than 14 day from the receipt of the reclamation.

skills sp. z o.o.